ASUS ROG Delta Gaming Headset (PC/MAC/PlayStation 4/Mobile Device)

ASUS ROG Delta Gaming Headset (PC/MAC/PlayStation 4/Mobile Device)

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ASUS ROG Delta gaming headset

High-quality sound
The ROG Delta is the world's first gaming headset with the industry's leading high-fidelity ESS-9218 quad DAC, delivering flawless, detailed sound to give ambitious players the decisive advantage they need to win.
The ROG Delta has a USB-C port and comes with a USB-C-to-USB 2.0 adapter that lets you play on your PC, console, and mobile devices without having to change your headset. Unique circular RGB lighting in all rainbow colors creates a stylish look that helps you stay out of thecompetition on the battlefield.

Hear every detail
The ESS-9218 Hi-Fi Quad DAC offers lossless audio processing, with each individual DAC allocating its processing power to a subset of the audible frequency range, from bass, mid-range, treble to ultra-high
tones. The four signals are then combined, resulting in a clearer sound with an impressive signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 127dB, which is much higher than any other device on the market. As a result, you'll be able
to accurately hear and locate sounds in the game to accurately assess the enemy's distance, the direction of the steps, the position of the shots and much more. Hear every detail and enjoy a clear, true-to-life sound for an extremely lifelike audio experience.

High signal-to-noise ratio in first-person shooter games
The signal-to-noise ratio is an important feature for gaming headsets, especially in the case of first-person shooter games. A higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) allows you to accurately determine the location of hostile steps or to target the location of shots or explosions. With its quad DAC design, the ROG Delta delivers a unique
signal-to-noise ratio of 127dB – a level that cannot be achieved by single DAC gaming headsets.

Crystal-clear treble and powerful bass
With the ROG Delta, the exclusive ASUS Essence drivers have been extended by the audio signal diversion technology, in which a circular wall is usedto separate the high, medium and low frequencies. At the same time,
interference between the frequency ranges is reduced in order to obtain agenuine and precise sound. In addition, the drivers have a wide frequency response of 20Hz-40kHz to deliver incredibly powerful bass and
optimized gaming sound, so that you do not miss any detail and at the same time enjoy an acoustic experience with all-round effect.

Exclusive circular RGB lighting in all rainbow colors
With the customizable Aura RGB lighting, you can express your own gaming style. The ROG Delta is the world's first gaming headset with circular RGB lighting in all rainbow colors. This impressive effect offers seven
independant light zones with dazzling, changing colors. More than 16.8 million color combinations and six preset light effects are available. the contour of the human ear compared to oval ear cups and thus reduce
the unnecessary contact surface by 20%. This results in a better and more comfortable fit, especially when the headset is worn over a longer period of time.

Two options for fit and comfort
The ROG Delta offers two different options for fit and comfort, from which you can choose as required. The ROG hybrid ear cushions, which combine protein leather and mesh fabric, are thicker, more breathable and offer a
contoured fit that's perfect for long gaming sessions. The ear cushionsmade of protein leather are thinner and softer in comparison, which makes them ideal for mobile use.

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